Christine Bourdette
"Christine Bourdette is a Portland, Oregon-based visual artist who maintains studio and public art practices. Her studio work includes sculpture, drawing, and installation. Over the course of her career she has cultivated a three-dimensional vocabulary incorporating a wide repertoire of materials and a dedication to craft. She has simultaneously built an expansive drawing practice that feeds and is fed by her sculptor's sensibilities. Bourdette's work comments on social, political, or simply human predicaments, often seasoned with compassion and humor. Her relatively recent focus on cartographic and topographic imagery places human figures within imaginary landscapes seen from a bird's-eye view, or, in a more abstract vein, focuses on the ground and dispenses with the human figure altogether. Impermanence and fragility, perceptions of time (geologic or fleeting), our curious and contradictory impulses, or simply recurrent patterns of human activity are some of the preoccupations that drive this artist's imagination."

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