Hap Tivey
Named the "Light Master" by Brian Libby, Hap Tivey's work has inspired a generation of light loving artists such as Jame Turrell and even the looks of Apple computers. He is a pioneer of the light and space movement and considered one of the most important light artists of the contemporary era.

His work comes from the intersection of physics and spirituality, where his years of dedicated practice of Japanese Buddhism as well as math and science helped him develop his mastery for working with light. Inspired by the abundant light and expansive spaces that pervade California, Hap's work has a unique ability to wonderfully and unexpectedly shift our experience and perception of the world. His work can invite new experiences with light that create a positive shift in our mental states. His work is simple, there can be narrative aspects but the experience of the phenomena of light is the core of Hap's work.

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