The Light Haus is a 2,800 sq/ft+ creative space that hosts a gallery space, workshops, wellness amenities and a studio space nestled conveniently in the heart of the Tahoe Donner forest, with access to world-class amenities and breathtaking nature. It is a maker and thinker incubator where we provide time, space & support for artists, athletes, thinkers & makers and invite them to explore their creativity in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
Unique gallery space with world class artists and an art studio with tools, books, materials and art workshops to learn new skills.
Workshops & Retreats
Experimental workshop and retreat space in nature.
Infrared sauna, jacuzzi, ice bath and access to abundant outdoor activities, such as beautiful hikes, ski resorts, and Lake Tahoe.
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Current Art Show:

October 2018- April 2019

Signs of Light takes you on a journey exploring the stories of the artists and highlights their work in a unique gallery experience. The art and artists in this show play with the range of contrasting wavelengths of light to tell stories around social and environmental landscapes, communicate meaning and explore the unknown. Light is the carrier of the electromagnetic force, a force that has an unlimited range to communicate, act and be. Each piece in this show comes to life and demonstrates the ability to highlight, hide and reveal light.

This show is presented in partnership with the Elizabeth Leach Gallery, featuring an all-star group of artists, including: Matthew Picton, Shane McAdams, Hap Tivey, Mark Smith, Isaac Layman, Jinie Park, Ben Dallas, Ryan Pierce, Joe Thurston, Kris Cox, Christine Bourdette, Justin Gibbons.

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The majority of the money from the sale of each art piece goes directly to supporting the artists and their practice.
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