"The Beauty Way" Mural, created by Tyler Rivenbark & Frida Ticehurst-Rivenbark, is a piece inspired by and dedicated to the beauty and the people of Lake Tahoe.

The Beauty Way is a way of living, in which each one of our actions and thoughts is guided by Beauty. A way of continuing to surrender to the energy and pattern of Beauty that is always present. This artwork is a story of Love, respect, and appreciation for the community of life of Lake Tahoe, and an invitation for you to enjoy and take care of this land and all life that exists here through the Beauty Way.

We would like to acknowledge that our art has been placed on Indigenous land of the Washoe people. We are incredibly honored and grateful to be able to create art on this land. Thank you to all who supported this project ad thank you to the power of this land for inspiring it.

Our Partners and Sponsors
We are thankful for all the support all of our partners and sponsors provided for the creation of this legacy piece.
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